ACS880 All Compatible Premium Industrial Drives

The complete lines of ACS880 Industrial Drives are part of ABB's all-compatible drives portfolio. The innovation behind all-compatibility is ABB's new drives architecture that simplifies operation, optimizes energy efficiency and helps maximize process output. The ACS880 is compatible with virtually all types of processes, automation systems, users and business requirements and is designed to tackle any motor- driven application, in any industry, whatever the power range.

A wide range of power and voltages are available, including voltages up to 690V, with current ratings for use in any industrial environment for applications requiring high overload capability. The ACS880 is built to meet and exceed any and all application and packaging requirements and is available as a single drive in wall mount and cabinet built configurations, power modules and multidrive lineups.

The heart of the drive remains DTC, Direct Torque Control, which has been further enhanced, providing higher performance than ever and significant benefits such as accurate static and dynamic speed and torque control, high starting torque and use of long motor cables. CODESYS programming functionality, based on the IEC standard 61131-3, resides in the ACS880 allowing the user to extend standard parameter functionality thus providing flexibility to meet precise application needs. The extensive range of options include extended I/O, communication protocols, EMC filters, chokes, du/dt filters, sine filters, encoders, resolvers and brake choppers as well as web based remote monitoring. Furthermore, standard integrated and optional safety functions reduce the need for external safety components.

Installation and start-up is made fast and easy with the new intuitive control panel and advanced PC based configuration and monitoring tool providing simplified configuration and available parameter customization for additional application requirements.


ACS880-01 Wall Mount Drives

The ACS880-01 wall-mounted single drives are compatible with all types of motors, automation systems, users, business, and environmental requirements. A wide range of voltages with power ratings starting at .75kW/1HP that go up to an impressive 250kW/350HP continuous load. The power range is covered by nine mechanical frame sizes (R1 – R9) and are available in IP21/NEMA and IP55/NEMA12 enclosure classes. ABB has once again managed to increase power density, reducing frame sizes for individual power ratings over previous generation drives. All sizes of ACS880-01 boast an extensive range of built in features and options. Standard features include an input choke for harmonic mitigation, integrated Safe Torque Off (STO), extensive and flexible I/O, controllable cooling fan, intuitive control panel (USB connection), conformal coated control boards and a free PC based configuration and monitoring software tool that connects with a standard USB cable. A braking chopper is included as standard in frame sizes R1 through R4 and is a built in option on the remaining frame sizes. Other built in options include CODESYS application programming, EMC filters, I/O extension modules, communications protocols, pulse encoder as well as the FSO-11 functional safety module offering a wide range of safety functionality.

ACS880-07 Cabinet Built Drives

The ACS880-07 Cabinet Built single drive is packaged in a robust cabinet and offers a wide variety of configurations and options to adapt to virtually any application and environmental requirements. Designed on ABB's common drives architecture, this compact cabinet drive comes in six different sizes (R6 to R11). Enclosure classes include IP22, IP42 and IP54 with cabling solutions that include bottom and top entry and exit variations. A wide range of input voltages with power ratings that are available up to 250kW/350HP based on a single module including rectifier and inverter. Larger drives consist of separate rectifier and inverter modules, which have plug-in power connectors providing easy maintenance and redundancy with parallel connected units. If one module requires maintenance, the drive can continue running with reduced power after disconnecting the faulty module. Standard features include input choke for harmonic mitigation, integrated Safe Torque Off (STO), long life capacitors, cooling fan on/off control and conformal coated control boards. The ACS880-07 has an extensive range of options including CODESYS application programming, extensive and flexible I/O, intuitive control panel (USB connection), communication protocols, additional functional safety via the FSO-11 safety functions module and device panel for optional switches and pilot lights. A free PC based configuration and monitoring software tool that connects with a standard USB cable is also available. Additional options include EMC filtering, braking, dV/dt filter, common mode output filter, fuses and a main switch all assembled within the cabinet.


ACS880 Multi-Drives

Our space-saving and compact ACS880 multidrives are customer tailored drive solutions. They come with a common DC bus arrangement, enabling single power entry for several drives. The energy circulating over the common DC bus results in energy and cost savings, as not all energy is taken from the supply network allowing the supply unit in the drive to have smaller dimensions. A single power line connection and a common supply unit reduces the need for cabling and floor space, saving investment and maintenance costs.

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ACS880 Drive Modules

The ACS880 drive modules simplify cabinet assembly for machine builders, system integrators and panel builders. Along with a wide selection of electrical and mechanical kit accessories and documentation to support the cabinet installation, the modules come with everything that is required for a complete common DC configuration. They can be customized to precise needs of industries such as metals, oil and gas, mining, marine, offshore, material handling, pulp and paper, automotive, food and beverage, cement, power, water and wastewater.

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