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Simark Controls Ltd. has been supplying products and solutions to industry since 1971. Over the years, we’ve learned that a great product is only great if it’s the right product for the job – if it’s well integrated, well implemented and well supported. That takes know-how.

Six ways Simark is
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At Simark, we pride ourselves on being an exclusive channel for exceptional Energy, Process Automation, and Drive and Motor Control products, but we know it’s the expertise of our people that makes the difference. We’re in the business of solving challenges. And we design solutions for customers from the well pad to the plant, from the mine to the remote weather station.

Best-in-class product supply

Simark is an exclusive channel for best-in-class products from ABB, Schneider Electric SCADA and Telemetry, Foxboro Field Devices, SFC Energy, Southwest Electric and Xetawave.

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Simark has product specialists, application specialists, integration / design technicians, sales and support teams to provide the customer with the complete solution.

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Integration Facility for EFOY, SCADA and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Solutions

Simark’s Calgary operation boasts a 15,000 square-foot integration facility where custom systems are designed, assembled, tested and shipped to customers along with a comprehensive electrical and mechanical drawing package and documentation. It’s a complete solution.

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Factory Trained Service Department

Customer support doesn’t end at the purchase transaction. Simark’s knowledgeable service department has your back — providing pre-shipping testing for systems; in-shop repairs, calibrations and configurations; and preventative maintenance plans. Our technicians are also available for on-site commissioning, start-ups and service. Best of all, Simark offers a 24/7 service line, so you can get the support you need, when you need it most.

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SCADA/Remote Terminal Unit Application and Integration

From state-of-the-art well pad management systems to proprietary software that lets users configure, deploy and manage SCADAPack applications using a single Windows interface, our process automation team has the expertise to give your operation the edge.

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Simark Academy

Simark brings industry expertise to you with Simark Academy, a series of tech talks, courses and hands-on seminars designed to connect you with subject matter experts who ensure you get the most from your process. Courses are offered on location, in the field, as well as in urban centres.

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part of SFC Energy

Simark Controls Ltd., a company of SFC Energy AG, is headquartered in Calgary Alberta, with branch offices in Edmonton and Laval and sales support in Toronto, Grande Prairie, Vancouver and Saskatchewan.

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