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Mining and Mineral Processing

In mining — a competitive industry with variable commodity prices — margins make all the difference. Reliability, continuous operation and safety drive the bottom line. Simark has products and solutions to help you maintain those margins.

Reliable and Cost Effective Products and Solutions from Simark

Drives and Motor Control

Mining and mineral extraction industries put process equipment through its paces. Equipment needs to operate reliably under harsh conditions – extreme temperatures, high altitude, dust, precipitation, etc. Simark’s Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems and solutions are custom designed for the mining industry, using durable, high performing products from ABB.

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EFOY Energy Systems

Simark’s EFOY hybrid power trailers provide a quick and cost-effective solution for multiple mining applications such as remote communications to lighting towers inside the mine or for a remote area. The trailers contain both a power source, mast and space to package customer equipment in our integration facility.

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Process Automation

Manual maintenance checks of mine production assets are time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Simark’s integrated Process Automation systems monitor assets using real time data to improve project-wide efficiency and productivity.
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At Simark, we know that down time means declining profits in the mining industry. That’s why our skilled service team is available 24/7 to get your operations up and running again.
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How to benefit from Simark Controls

Learn how other mining industry professionals have benefited from Simark products and solutions. Contact a Simark mining & minerals product and solutions specialist today.

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