Power Products


ABB is a worldwide leader in power and automation technologies that enable industry customers to improve performance and process reliability. ABB delivers the widest available product range from any manufacturer.

Southwest Electric Company

Simark Controls is the exclusive Western Canadian Distributor for Southwest Electric's specialty transformers. Southwest Electric's specialty transformers are custom designed and built to meet your application needs.

SCADA & Automation

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric specializes in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management.



XetaWave provides a single programmable radio that can be configured to meet diverse application needs. This radio is ideal for oil & gas, water and wastewater, industrial controls, and military industries.

Measurement & Instrumentation

Foxboro by Schneider Electric

Foxboro by Schneider Electric is a leading provider of automation and information technologies, systems, software solutions, services and consulting to global manufacturing and infrastructure industries. 

Simark Liquid Flow Measurement

Simark Controls has supplied turbines meters and totalizers to the Western Canadian market since 1971. With 40 years of history in the turbine market Simark has the expertise and experience for your flow applications.

TerminalBOSS Automation Solutions

Simark Controls Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Guardian compressor solutions. To learn more about Guardian please visit the Schneider Electric website.

Engineered Solutions

Simark Engineered Solutions

Simark Controls has provided Variable Frequency AC Motor Drive (VFD) solutions since 1989. Our vast VFD and SCADA/RTU application and integration expertise guarantees that our systems will exceed expectations.

Off-Grid Power Solutions

PBF Performance Electronics

The PBF portfolio encompasses standard high-performance electronics components, external and internal converters and switching power supplies, as well as customer-specific applications.


EFOY Pro Energy Solutions are reliable off-grid power sources specifically designed for professional and government agency users. It delivers 100% reliable power at anytime and anywhere for many different industries.