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You can’t control what you can’t measure. It’s an old adage that holds true, particularly in industry. Accurate, reliable measurement and instrumentation products are critical to success. At Simark, our product experts understand the need for precise flow measurement and control.

It’s why Simark Controls’ totalizers and turbine flow meters are manufactured to the highest quality standards. It’s also why we partner with industry leaders like Schneider Electric and distribute their field-proven Foxboro measurement and instrumentation products.

With almost 50 years of experience in flow measurement and instrumentation, you can count on Simark for expertise that turns great products into invaluable solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you trying to reduce your inventory costs?

The Foxboro S-Series Pressure Transmitter utilizing its multiple calibration technology feature enables 11 calibrated ranges to be stored onboard memory and are preset in the factory. Meaning you can stock one transmitter for most of your facility pressure ranges.

Our service conditions are very corrosive. Do you have turbine meters that stand up to a highly corrosive service?

Simark offers high quality low life-cycle turbine solutions. Our nickel-plated rotor and vane kits are an ideal solution for erosive and corrosive applications.

What if I need service for my Foxboro product?

As a distributor for Foxboro measurement and instrumentation products, Simark is a factory trained service provider for warranty, commissioning and troubleshooting. Our service line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Where can I find information on pricing for Simark Measurement and Instrumentation products?

Contact a measurement and instrumentation product specialist at Simark for information on our products and pricing.

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Measurement & Instrumentation Products

Simark has been in the business of selling process measurement products since 1971. Today, we distribute a number of our own tried and tested measurement products, as well as a complete line of quality Foxboro instrumentation products by Schneider Electric.

Simark Controls Turbine Meters

Durable, high quality turbine meters suited to a range of process applications


Simark Controls Turbine Flow Meter Rotor and Vane Kits

Quality parts and repair kits for Simark liquid turbine meters


Simark Totalizers

Explosion proof totalizers with a variety of features


Foxboro Instrumentation Products

A complete line of process instruments for measurement and analysis of pressure, flow, level, and process analytical variables.


Measurement and Instrumentation
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