Rate Totalizers

Simark Liquid Flow Measurement


The SMRT-PRO Explosion-Proof Rate Totalizer brings modern design, easy readability, and enhanced functionality to hazardous areas around the world in a way never seen before. Other meter designs have lost sight of the fact that the primary thing operators want to do with meters such as these is to look at them. Operators want a meter that looks nice so they can be proud to install it in their facility. They want a meter with a display that provides the important information about their process, can be seen under various lighting conditions, from wide angles, and from a distance. The SMRT-PRO delivers all these and more.


The SMRT-101 from SiMark Controls is an extremely robust explosion proof totalizer. The SMRT-101 also has a Modbus option in addition to the standard outputs.


Like the SMRT-101, the SRT-IS-101A is a robust totalizer. 'IS' stands for Intrisically Safe, which allows for it's operation in explosive environments.