31 Oct 2018, General

Simark Team Profile: Benjamin Pushparaj

Benjamin Pushparaj knows the technology behind Drives and Motor Control systems. His background as an instrumentation and controls engineer gives him the insight and technical expertise to fully understand, and often even anticipate his customers’ needs. In his role as technical project manager, he expertly orchestrates the development and delivery of integrated drive system solutions with his team.

“My job is to understand customer requirements and come up with solutions that will make — and keep — our customers happy,” says Benjamin. “That’s true even after final delivery.”

When your work revolves around system integration, issues can come up during production and on site after the fact. It might be related to meeting an escalated delivery schedule, or accommodating site space limitations. In any case, Benjamin and his team do their best to help remedy the issue so the system is delivered when needed and functions as designed so the customer can get on with their work.

“A minor issue from Simark’s point of view can be a show-stopper for the customer, so we don’t stop our customer support after shipment.”

Sometimes the entire experience can be defined by the follow-through.

In 2014, Benjamin immigrated to Canada with his young family. They left their home in Dubai for a future flush with possibility, discovery — and uncertainty. It was a big move that triggered a bold, life-size example of systems integration.

“The move was challenging, but we wanted to come to Canada, so whatever hurdles we faced we worked around to make sure we crossed them.”

Three months after landing in Calgary, Benjamin got a job as an inside sales rep with Simark. He quickly moved into the role of product specialist and then again to his current position as technical project manager.

“Simark has recognized my skill sets and I’ve grown with the organization. I’m looking forward to my career here.”

Without doubt, his technical know-how, ability to effectively multi-task, and fluid project management skills make Benjamin really good at his job, but it’s his tenacious, can-do attitude, and his commitment to ensuring a positive outcome that drive him to excel at Simark.