Simark Engineered Solutions

Simark Controls Ltd was established in 1971 and has been providing Variable Frequency AC Motor Drive (VFD) solutions to all industries since 1989. Simark Controls extensive VFD and SCADA/RTU application and integration expertise ensures we engineer our systems/solutions to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients.

Systems are designed, manufactured and tested in the Simark Controls 15,000 square foot CSA Approved VFD Integration Facility located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Prior to shipment, each system is function and quality tested by our ABB Certified Service Department to ensure system functionality and ISO Standards are compliant. In addition, if a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is required, Simark Controls will define the test procedures with the client and provide the services, project management and assistance as required. Each system comes complete with a comprehensive electrical and mechanical drawing package and documentation.

Simark Controls Engineered VFD Solutions Include:

  • Single, Stand Alone, or Multi-drive Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Custom MCC VFD Systems
  • Artificial Lift VFD Solutions for ESP, PCP and Pumpjack Applications
  • NEMA 3R Weatherproof Standalone Systems
  • Complete MCC Style Oil and Gas Production Pad Solutions
  • Complete Pad Mount E-House Solutions
  • Complete ESP Skid Mount ESP VFD and Transformer Solutions
  • IEEE519 Compliant System Solutions
  • ESP Transformer Solutions
  • Retrofits
  • Water and Waste Water VFD Solutions
  • Sawmill/Pulp and Paper VFD Systems and Solutions
  • Mining VFD Systems and Solutions
  • SCADA/RTU Solutions for Artificial Lift and Gas Measurement
  • SCADA/RTU and Solar Solutions
  • PLC Marshaling Cabinets