Southwest Electric Transformers

Simark Controls is the exclusive Western Canadian Distributor for Southwest Electricís Specialty Transformers. Southwest Electricís Specialty Transformer are custom designed and built to meet your application needs.

Some common designs include:

FACT Transformers
Single phase transformers with full amp capacity across a wide, externally selectable, secondary tapping range. The FACT transformer is available with a dual primary voltage.
Multi-Tap Transformers
Designed for surface pumps, submersible pumps, and variable speed drive applications.
Skid Mounted Transformers
The skid packages are designed for the quick set-up or relocation of the transformer and equipment package. The package can include a protective enclosure, a conditioned control room, switchgear, metering, reactors, lightning, and other desired features.
Phase Shifting Transformers
Reduce the need for expensive harmonic filters with use of these transformers.
Polygon autotransformer designed to supply a twelve-pulse motor drive.
A polygon transformer with selectable phase displacement. When two or more ZT-Fact transformers are used on the same system, the phase displacement of the transformers can be switch selected in 15-degree increments to provide harmonic cancellation.
Soft Starter
Voltage dropping reactor designed for the starting of large motors. The SOFT STARTER incorporates a vacuum contactor and timing circuits for auto bypass of the reactor after the motor achieves full speed. The reactor has a tap switch to match the reactance to the application.